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How to improve SEO for voice driven search

Voice is a rapidly growing search method with some predicting that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” – ComScore.   “40% of adults now use voice search once per day” #locationworld @Steve074 — Stephen Kenwright (@stekenwright) November 3, 2016   When and why do people use voice search? Voice can be […]

Training tips for your Social Media marathon

Running the Melbourne Marathon serves as a yearly reminder of what hard work and perseverance can do for your Social Media campaign. Yes, you read correctly. Your Social Media campaign is the digital marketing equivalent of maintaining your running pace over a long distance with the finish line always seeming out of reach. You’ll fight […]

7 Ways To Energise Your Website

1.Whendid you last add a “news” article? If your last blog entry or product update is over a month old, chances are your website may look out of date to a prospective client who visits it. Consider connecting your blog to social media like Twitter, Instagram or FaceBook for easy frequent updates. 2.Have you reviewed […]

What is the current state of your business social media?

We often hear our customers tell us that they feel under resourced to keep their social media up to date. We can take that pain away. We can create, manage, post and schedule all your posts for you and act as a watch guard for your brand. Come in for a coffee and a chat […]

New Ways to Attract Facebook Fans

Facebook has recently announced changes to the rules and regulations around Facebook competitions. Facebook has removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook only be administrated through apps. Promotions can now also be administrated through Page Timelines. Pages can now collect entries by having users post on the timeline, like a page post & private message […]

Category Killer Domains Available

Premium domains are coming onto the market. Fairfax is liquidating their online assets, this includes premium domains that have been held by Fairfax group for many years. SWiM has recently helped clients obtain domains such as and Domains like this are category killers that give a huge advantage in terms of general marketing […]

PhysioHealth – Not Just Digital

SWiM has recently re-branded PhysioHealth. We have taken this brand evolution and applied it to a new look Website, a Mobile Site, Electronic Direct Mail, Social Media, Signage and Outdoor Event Collateral. The results are fantastic and the feedback PhysioHealth are receiving is amazing! Smiling Physios all around. Check out the work – in particular […]

Our favourites, what are yours?

A few of our Youtube favourites from 2012… Children of the Future Amazing Go Pro Footage Cat lols at its best – Toyota Corolla NZ Nocturnal Migration We can’t help ourselves! – Dumb Ways to Die Unbelievable dance moves man (Mike in the studio thinks he can do better – We would pay to see […]

Facebook hits 1 billion monthly users

The new Myspace video in the previous post had us questioning whether or not Facebook can hold their title of Social Media King. Facebook has trumped this question, the latest stats show that Facebook has clocked 1 billion active monthly users, that’s over 1/7th of the world’s population. Here is the first video campaign produced […]

Is your website mobile optimised?

Is your website optimised for mobile? We hope so, of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones, 1.08 billion are smartphones with a staggering half of all local searches in Australia being conducted via mobile devices. Follow this link and see how your website looks when viewed on a mobile device. Until the end of June we […]

Online TV already exists. Will it thrash Traditional TV?

What if you could watch your favourite American TV series at the moment it broadcasts in the U.S. Or watch your favourite tennis player smashing through to the finals at Wimbledon Open. Imagine if you could watch anything, at anytime, in your home, on your couch, on your big high definition plasma screen? Many TVs […]

SWiM’s YouTube Channel gets over 4000 views.

A couple of months ago SWiM recorded a few tutorial videos, to assist people in setting up their email accounts on a variety of email clients. Since then we have currently over four and a half thousand views on our YouTube channel. YouTube Analytics shows that in the last 30 days we have accumulated 573 […]

Facebook Drives Traffic To Websites

A study has proved that Facebook is one of the top 3 referral sources to the world’s most popular news websites. Google is still the leading traffic source, but there is no doubt Facebook is crawling up. This study shows the impact of sharing information through social networks such as Facebook. Facebook users are believed […]

Trend of Online Shoppers

Online shopping have been around for a while now, and some online stores even out-do retail stores. Now there is a new trend amongst online shoppers – shopping on the mobile. A recent survey shows that 47% of users are now accessing the internet on their mobiles. The percentage of people following brands on social […]

Google Gets Serious About Duplicate Content

We often advise our clients to provide quality, relevant and in depth content about their products or services. We also stress the importance of not having duplicate content, or copying content from competitor’s website. SWiM acknowledges the fact that Google doesn’t like content being copied over and over. Google likes original and relevant content because […]

Valid Email Address for Social Media

Recently I have read an article about the dark side of social media. The article talks about a woman’s email account being hacked by an unknown person, who threatened and eventually posted nude photos of her using her Facebook account. The nude photos inevitably were seen by her many friends, colleagues and families via Facebook. […]

Link exchanges: The poor man’s SEO

Large Internet companies spend millions on consultants and technology trying to get their sites to rank among the highest results on Google. Everyone else has to rely on the poor man’s search-engine optimization: the link exchange. The thinking behind link exchanging is that Google will record links as a vote of confidence for sites. If […]