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Has your company ever wanted a single place they can keep important information? About clients, jobs, vehicles, inventory and more?

Would it streamline workflow, improve efficiency, client satisfaction and profit?

Would you like this information available on your desktop, tablet and even phone?

SWiM can assist.

You can have it. And you don't even have to download it - just click to a bookmark.

This web based software goes by many different names:

  • Intranet
  • Outranet
  • Portal
  • App or Web App
  • Online software
  • Bespoke software development
  • Member log in

It can even talk to your internal systems or replace them altogether; ERP, eCommerce, CRM or industry specific software.

You can own the software, designed exactly to your company's specific needs. Without waiting for a version update to deliver new features. New features can be designed and implemented as your business grows.

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Have a glance at some case studies:

Online Criminal Database and Incident Reporting - MA Security

The security field force possesses the ability to report an incident in real time, with a photo, and record it against a database of known offenders. All from their mobile phone. Team members can access incident reports to review linked to their actual location based on GPS data collected from previous incidents.

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Financial Record Keeping And Benchmarking - SMSF Benchmarks

Investors can record and track the success of their self managed super funds and compare results to other investors with similar profiles - all 100% confidentially.

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Sales Incentive Portal - Australian Life Insurance

This allows agents to view incentive products and purchase them with earned reward points - all linked to the company's internal management software.

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Assets Register - RiskTech

This web app allows an inspector to tour a facility and record assets of note, link them to a photo taken on their device and its GPS location. The asset can then be linked to maintenance or safety schedules, and have actions tracked for compliance. Regular reports are created and converted into board room ready PDFs.

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Risk Assessment and Management - RiskTech

Corporate exposure to risk is minimized via this online portal which helps inspectors collect and record qualified recommendations that make workplaces safer. The portal generates Board Room ready reports, at the click of a button, in both online and PDF format.

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Online Sports Medicine Resource - PhysioHealth

At the conclusion of a sports medicine consultation, a patient is sent a rehab schedule, including instructional video, frequency and repetition instructions, along with the practitioner's notes. This is linked to the patient record database.

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