1. Ownership of goods and copyright do not transfer until (a) account is fully paid; and (b) customer signs SWiM’s standard release.
2. SWiM reserves the right to reclaim goods or items resultantly produced or cancel services until such payment is made.
3. Payment beyond due date will incur an administration fee of $15 per month in addition to legally enforceable interest rates allowed.
4. The customer will be held liable for any reasonable cost incurred to recover the outstanding debt.
5. In the event of the company being unable to pay this account, its directors/owners shall be held personally liable and hereby agree to pay any outstanding sum.
6. Any works, design, code or intellectual property reproduced or reverse engineered without SWiM’s expressed authorization may incur a fee equivalent to the original build for each new iteration.
7. Unpaid invoices may result in the cancelation of web services including domain hosting &/or renewal. SWiM accepts no legal liability in the event of these actions.
8. This contract is construed under the laws of Victoria. A court of that state shall determine any dispute.
9. Only account queries lodged before due date will be considered.