Not all hosts are equal

Your hosting environment dictates the functionality and accessibility of your website. A good host is vital.

The Host, or more correctly, host server, is a computer. Like any computer they can be configured and connected differently. SWiM’s hosting is configured with some unique benefits that are of benefit to any website.

1. Direct Connection to the backbone of the Web
Our hosting servers are connected locally and also directly into the backbone of the internet in the USA. These means better access speeds, search engine indexing and less traffic congestion. In short your site will be found quicker and more often.

2. Enhanced Server Software
SWiM’s servers have additional software installed upon them that enhance search engine indexing of content. This software also allows us to configure pathways and name URL’s specifically to assist indexing by keywords.

3. Additional Functions that Others Charge at a Premium
This includes:

  • Unlimited data transfer volumes
  • Unlimited email volumes with POP3 and Imap servers
  • Server-side spam and virus protection
  • Ultra high speed bandwidth; 50 mbps
  • Choice of Windows or Unix based hosting
  • Webmail with global access
  • Scripting and database enabled servers: PHP4+, Perl CGI, MySQL

Our hosting service is back ended by Equinix: This is a state of the art data centre, in an earthquake proof environment with biometric security measures. It is the only data centre in Australia approved for use by ASIO.

We know your site will stay online. Our hosting comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Lastly, every tradesman likes to work in their own workshop. So to web developers and their hosts. Building for a familiar environment guarantees performance, saves us time and you money.

If you require a hosting in a 3rd party environment, an upload fee and surcharge may apply. We will also require complete payment of fees prior to upload.