In February 2010, it was reported Twitter users were sending 50 million Tweets per day.

In May 2010, reports showed YouTube was serving more than two billion videos a day, which it described as “nearly double the prime-time audience of all three major US television networks combined.” Youtube is the 3rd most viewed website on the internet behind Facebook and Google.

In July 2010, Facebook revealed its number of users had reached the 500 million mark, meaning 1 in every 14 people on the planet has now signed up to the online social-networking service. In Australia almost half the population owns a Facebook account (9,009,660 users).

Its undeniable that Social media is now the main use of the internet. As well as allowing the public to network and stay in touch with each other, it also provides an enormous opportunity to businesses, allowing all size businesses to tap into any specific target market they wish.

What SWiM Can Offer in Social Networking

Facebook, Myspace and Twitter allow businesses the opportunity to directly add social interaction into their own web sites, and provides every business access to any target market they wish. This is achieved through many different options including; Pages for businesses, ‘Like’ or ‘Tweat’ buttons for your own web content, pay per click advertising and much more. An example of how effective these social media sites can be in terms of advertising would be Facebooks’ pay-per-click campaigns. Facebook legally owns the rights to all information posted to its website and uses that information to create a targeting system that provides a higher ratio of clicks per user than any other competitor, including Google. Eg – a jewellery company is able to target their ads to Facebook users who have changed their marital status to “engaged” or “in a relationship”.

SWiM can provide these social networking services:

  • Creation of online identity (with custom design and layout where available) for your business on all of the major social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn.
  • Linking of accounts so that only one login is needed to update multiple social networking sites.
  • Integration of Social Networking tools into your own website. Eg – ‘Like’ & ‘Share’ buttons. ‘Find Us’ buttons and much more.
  • Customized information when passed to Facebook or Myspace from your site. See example.
    Pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
  • Contact us for any other social networking enquiries.

What SWiM Can Offer in Social Media

Youtube has quickly become the TV of the internet and businesses are flocking to it to advertise their products and services. Quite often videos and even advertisements become instant hits with the public due to the fast and huge network provided by the likes of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. A typical example of this would be the ‘Old Spice – ‘Man your man could smell like’ internet campaign that ran alongside TV advertisements. The online videos collectively received just under 6 million views in only the first 24 hours. A lot of businesses now decide to drop TV ads altogether in favor of the much more affordable and less restrictive option that Youtube provides.

SWiM can provide these social media services:

  • TVC production. Animated or live footage ready for either TV or Online distribution.
  • Customized integration of Youtube functionality into your own website including but not restricted to
    – Direct upload to Youtube functionality within your own website
    – Embedded custom video players
    – Embedded search
  • Creation of online identity (with custom design and layout) as a ‘Youtube Channel’
    Linking of account to social networking accounts.
  • Mixed campaign spanning across Youtube and Social Networking sites.

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