A couple of months ago SWiM recorded a few tutorial videos, to assist people in setting up their email accounts on a variety of email clients. Since then we have currently over four and a half thousand views on our YouTube channel.

YouTube Analytics shows that in the last 30 days we have accumulated 573 views. Organic YouTube search was responsible for 44.1% of the views. Watching videos on the actual YouTube page remains the most popular location, with 78.3%. There were 12.1% of people viewing our channel on their mobile devices.

Our most popular video in the channel is teaching people how to set up their email account in Microsoft Outlook 2011 on a Mac. Since the upload in October, the video have reached 300 views and counting.

Check it out here: Outlook 2011 Email Setup on MAC

Visit SWiM’s YouTube Channel if you need assistance with your email set up OR if you’d like to see our video work: