1.Whendid you last add a “news” article?

If your last blog entry or product update is over a month old, chances are your website may look out of date to a prospective client who visits it. Consider connecting your blog to social media like Twitter, Instagram or FaceBook for easy frequent updates.

2.Have you reviewed the words & images?

Is legacy content up to date and accurate? Is the latest model pictured? Is the content even factually correct?

3.Have you looked at your own website on mobile devices?

Did you know that over 50% of all website traffic now originates form mobile devices? Make sure your website is “Responsive”. It will aid Google search results as well.

4.Why don’t you look better than your competition?

Have you checked your main competitors? Do they have any ideas worth building on? Does your business look like it’s ahead of the competition or dragging behind it.

5.Google your company and its services or products?

OMG! I didn’t realize you found that when you searched for my business! Think like a prospective customer and have a look at what they might find.

6.Are there any “jobs” you can ask your website to do?

Website aren’t just for promoting your business – they can do “work” as well.

Sell products, record staff hours, collect client information, show live video of projects etc. Talk to your development company about “jobs” your site can do and make more time for you & your staff.

7.Update your Google info? Linkedin, etc.

When you Google your business name is Google’s listing of your business up to date? Do you even have control of it? Check your business & personal Linkedin Profiles are up to date as well – they get found in search as well.

And a bonus point!

Do you have the right conversion points?

So, a prospective client found your website. Well done. What next? Is it easy for them to contact you by email or telephone? Can they buy a product or get a quote? Subscribe to a newsletter? Learn where your stores are? Or who stocks your product?