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Domain Renewals: Don’t get scammed!

If you have received any letters asking you to renew or purchase any domains, make sure you look out for signs of being scammed. Usually these will come from a generically named company that you would not know of, nor be addressed to a name of an actual person either. Take note of the similarities […]

Featured Work – Ganache Chocolate & Godek International

Ganache Chocolate (Online Store + Mobile Site) We have recently launched a new look website for Ganache Chocolate, a specialty chocolate shop in Melbourne. This website also includes a custom chocolate box selector where customers can fill up boxes with a selection of their favourite hand made chocolates. Ganache also have two Melbourne shops, South […]

MailChimp Experts

Did you know that we are one of only a few accredited Mailchimp experts in Melbourne? We are helping an increasing number of clients transition their database from traditional to digital communications. There’s an added bonus of using an Expert to set up your account – give us a call today!

Welcome to Jules & Chelsea

‘Hooray’ was heard from Mary & Alex as two more females have been recruited to the SWIM office. Jules is our resident accounts, hosting & domains guru. She’s in on Thursday and Friday mornings to answer your questions 🙂 Chelsea has joined the SWiM team as an Account Executive. She has a background in marketing […]

Gadgets that we love

‘Pencil – think with your hands‘ We’ve got ours on the way and we can’t wait to trial it. After checking out the video we bet you’ll want to order one as well, We’ll add a review to our next newsletter!

Is your current camera ready for adventure?

Here in the SWiM office travel and photography feature heavily in our favourite things to do. We stumbled across this Sony product, and we are in love. Digital binoculars that take 20 MP stills and record video in 2D or 3D! Check it out here! Not only is it compact in size it has full […]

When did you last update your web content?

DIGITAL CONTENT WORKSHOP DATE: Tuesday 20 May TIME: 8:30 am – 11:00 am LOCATION: First Floor, 332 Albert Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002 If you can’t remember the last time you updated your web content, it’s time you did it. Fresh content helps you stand out, engage visitors and look professional – plus it increases […]

Important Notice for all Internet Explorer Users

Microsoft Internet Explorer bug: how to protect yourself Microsoft over the weekend admitted to a huge vulnerability in Internet Explorer that allow hackers to set up malicious websites in order to gain complete access to visitors’ PC, provided they visited the page with a IE (version 6 and up). From there, hackers can install apps, […]

Now Hiring – Digital Designer

We seek a bright, talented digital designer to join our team. Ideally this person will enjoy website design and development and will also work within related areas such as social media, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) and print. You will have the opportunity to further your skills using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JQuery). Experience in iOS, […]

Holiday Contact Info

Please note SWiM Communications will be closed for the holiday period: Monday 23rd Dec 2012 – Monday 13th Jan 2013 For email configuration or troubleshooting information, please visit our website. Or for video instructions visit our YouTube Channel here. Strictly in case of extreme emergency or website outage enquiries; please email or call 0419 […]

AWArds 2013

The 2014 Australian Web Awards are now open! Check out the highlights from this year’s awards night below!

Day 9 – Fri 22/11 Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.

Leaving on a jet plane for Lima. Up for the airport at 4:00 AM. Hence, there is no day 9 report due to a lack of Zzzzzzzzs. The Wrap Up. We have much to be proud of. ICANN truly demonstrates that it’s dedicated to maintaining an Internet available to all. Reliably. Smooth administration, transparent record […]

Day 8 – Thurs 21/11 Last Day: Bingo!

Breakfast on Calle Florida is pleasant change from conference coffee. The street is colourful, lined with change touts mumbling “Cambio, Cambio”. The don’t bother me. My heritage camouflages me. Until I speak, anyway. Back to the Sheraton, I’ll pop into some contrasting sessions to flesh out my understanding of ICANN. I try a GNSO meeting, […]

Day 7 – Wed 20/11 Whois & Whocares?

Whois. What? Whois. That’s how we start the day. Whois is an online protocol that allows us to look up very basic information about a domain. Who owns it and some very basic configuration settings. It is a fundamental tool used in domain admin. And it’s going to be overhauled. This meeting was about how […]

Day 6 – Tue 19/11 Acronyms, Acronyms, Acronyms. And a Laugh.

Promises to be a big one. Today is the main stage for the ccNSO – the Country Codes Names Supporting Organisation. This is where .au and our overseas equivalents find voice and discuss common issues. Coffee is getting increasingly difficult to find upstairs. Never a good sign. I enter “La Pampa” room. “Oh, your from […]

Day 5 – Mon 18/11 Let the Show Begin!

Official opening ceremony address. This got quite build up yesterday. Our orientation lead compared listening to ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehade, to listening to Steve Jobs. He certainly has the onstage strut. Next off to a brief on the new Global Top Level Domains; .shop, .club etc. 1930 applications at $US185,000 each. Round 3 for Monday, […]

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Day 4 – Sun 17/11 ICANN for Beginners

Walk to the Sheraton on a bright sunny day. Get the feel of the venue and into the newcomers session. Howdy Paul Szyndler! On with the headset for the English translation. Whoa! What’s that I just saw? 90 minutes in, and someone has sniffed my laptop via Bluetooth and enabled screen sharing. Lucky I saw […]

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Day 3 – Sat 16/11 Buenos Aires 101: Hello San Telmo

Wake very late morning, trashed by travel & jet lag. Skip breakfast, it’s lunch time anyway. 30 minute walk to San Telmo. Wow. I love this place. Antiques, artesenas (handicrafts), trash and treasure. More “lomito” steak for lunch. Back to the hotel – time for further review & research of ICANN48. Early evening off to […]

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Day 2 – Fri 15/11 First Meet & First Meat.

Yup, you get two Fridays when you double back over the IDL – you may as well start getting used to acronyms. They happen in bulk in this landscape. Arrive BA, meet Don Hollander, a polyglot Kiwi from the US and many other places. Share a cab from the airport, thus defeating the touts. Settle […]

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Day 1 – Fri 15/11 Destination, Yes, ICANN!

Over 17 hours of flying time + airport time from Melbourne to BA via Auckland & Santiago. Plus a 3 hour flight delay in Santiago. Comic relief provided at Santiago transit terminal in the form of a disgruntled transit passenger throwing a classical Hispanic tantrum. Absolutely no toys left in the cot. Additional comic relief […]

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Where’s Joe?

So just where am I? Why have I gone to Buenos Aires? Let me rewind a bit. Many years ago I went to register my first domain: I was told I couldn’t have it as it was a “dictionary word”. That was an early auDA rule. But that’s the name of my business? After […]

6 weeks until Christmas

Do you have a tech friend that is hard to buy for? This will be on our list to give all our tech friends this year and they will thank us for it later! What better for Xmas than something that lets you eat more turkey then work it off later!? Find out more here.

What is the current state of your business social media?

We often hear our customers tell us that they feel under resourced to keep their social media up to date. We can take that pain away. We can create, manage, post and schedule all your posts for you and act as a watch guard for your brand. Come in for a coffee and a chat […]

Something we love about the Apple iPhone 5c

Apple’s answer to a budget phone – the 5c has not been warmly received but this app development company have found the light at the end of the tunnel and have produced something we actually like! Flipcase can work on the iPhone 5 and 5S but has been designed specifically with the 5c and case […]