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How to improve SEO for voice driven search

Voice is a rapidly growing search method with some predicting that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” – ComScore.   “40% of adults now use voice search once per day” #locationworld @Steve074 — Stephen Kenwright (@stekenwright) November 3, 2016   When and why do people use voice search? Voice can be […]

New next generation iPhones released by Apple

This week you may have heard the hype about Apple releasing its latest editions in the iPhone series. For weeks now, there have been many rumours and leaks regarding Apple’s new flagship phones and on Wednesday, Apple made it all official. It was a big announcement that started off with a new Apple Watch. The Apple […]

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10 ways to spot spam

With so many emails entering our in-boxes how do we know which are legitimate and which should be deleted? Scammers are becoming better at disguising themselves and we all need to carry some degree of scepticism in spotting these emails. Sharpen your spam detection skills with these 10 ways to spot spam.   1. Do […]

SWiM embraces a new design tool

Sketch is software that is built specifically for digital designers and has gained massive traction within the industry in the past year or so. It has been around since 2010 and can be a more effective alternative to Photoshop for concept web design. Sketch is that link between designing in the browser and designing in […]

Gadgets that we love

‘Pencil – think with your hands‘ We’ve got ours on the way and we can’t wait to trial it. After checking out the video we bet you’ll want to order one as well, We’ll add a review to our next newsletter!

Is your current camera ready for adventure?

Here in the SWiM office travel and photography feature heavily in our favourite things to do. We stumbled across this Sony product, and we are in love. Digital binoculars that take 20 MP stills and record video in 2D or 3D! Check it out here! Not only is it compact in size it has full […]

6 weeks until Christmas

Do you have a tech friend that is hard to buy for? This will be on our list to give all our tech friends this year and they will thank us for it later! What better for Xmas than something that lets you eat more turkey then work it off later!? Find out more here.

Something we love about the Apple iPhone 5c

Apple’s answer to a budget phone – the 5c has not been warmly received but this app development company have found the light at the end of the tunnel and have produced something we actually like! Flipcase can work on the iPhone 5 and 5S but has been designed specifically with the 5c and case […]

Featured Work – Living Doll eCommerce for Desktop & mobile.

We worked with living doll to facilitate a multi platform shopping experience to cater to the target market and their shopping patterns. The mobile interface allows customers to easily browse and ship within the smaller real-estate of their phone. No frustration from zooming and scrolling here. Check out their site. How could mobile eCommerce benefit […]

iOS7 Tips

We’ve all had two weeks with Apple’s new operating system to test it out. Here at the SWiM office we love the new camera filters but are not so keen on the new calendar layout or the speed at which is sucks battery power. What have been your first impressions of iOS7? Yay or Nay?  […]

SAMRF 2013 Ball EDM

We have recently completed sending out a series of EDMs for the 2013 Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation Charity Ball. The ball was an amazing success and all the funds raised will benefit the St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Click here to see more […]

Who Wants a Gold iPhone?

What do you all think about Apple’s announcement yesterday? Does the iPhone 5C appeal to you? Perhaps the new iPhone 5S with it’s new built in fingerprint identifier sensor is your preference? Either way, the new generation of smart phones is cementing our reliance on these little devices. Which brings up to a truly first […]

New Ways to Attract Facebook Fans

Facebook has recently announced changes to the rules and regulations around Facebook competitions. Facebook has removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook only be administrated through apps. Promotions can now also be administrated through Page Timelines. Pages can now collect entries by having users post on the timeline, like a page post & private message […]

Category Killer Domains Available

Premium domains are coming onto the market. Fairfax is liquidating their online assets, this includes premium domains that have been held by Fairfax group for many years. SWiM has recently helped clients obtain domains such as and Domains like this are category killers that give a huge advantage in terms of general marketing […]

PhysioHealth – Not Just Digital

SWiM has recently re-branded PhysioHealth. We have taken this brand evolution and applied it to a new look Website, a Mobile Site, Electronic Direct Mail, Social Media, Signage and Outdoor Event Collateral. The results are fantastic and the feedback PhysioHealth are receiving is amazing! Smiling Physios all around. Check out the work – in particular […]

A blast from the past

We have obtained digital proof to back up Kevin’s claims that he was around back when it all started. Here he is in front of his MAC SE back in 1984 designing a tabloid newspaper called Work In Progress. Can you imagine the designers of today working from a screen this small?! If you are […]

Leap Motion.. Has the future arrived ahead of schedule?

Ever watched the Minority Report and wondered what the future of technology will be like? Now your computer will know if you are shaking your fist at it or pointing accusingly. Here at SWiM we think this technology is very exciting. We’ve registered as a developer and are waiting for our Leap to arrive – watch this space […]