Multi Screening & Mobile Sites

It’s plain to see that the majority of media consumption is now screen based. The latest Google report cements this stating that a whopping 88% of media interactions are screen based with 36% of our daily media interactions taking place via smartphones. The common phrase of ‘I’ll just google it’ is no longer restricted to having access to a computer. With the saturation of smartphones information can be accessed anywhere at anytime from a number of devices.

We see that 81% of people use multiscreens sequentially. There’s no surprise that search, shopping online, managing finances and holiday planning come in top of popular multi screening activities but others are on the rise.

With the rise of multi screening and mobile use, the importance of mobile sites has never been more apparent. Click to call functionality and appropriate content will keep your audience on your site for longer and take away the frustration of navigating through a desktop version of the site on a smaller screen real estate. Make it easier for your audience to find the information that they are after and act on it.

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