Category: Domain Management

Get the Domain You’ve Always Wanted! Your chance to register your dream domain which was previously taken is now here. Web addresses that were reserved as a or now may be available as .au!Direct .au direct registrations will open to all on the 4th of October! Become more memorable to customers by Order […]

3.1 million Aussies just made a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement

Do you own a .au domain? Congratulations on joining 3.1 million Aussies in the biggest domain name registry transfer in history! .au Just achieved the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the largest migration of of an internet top-level domain in a single transition. As a director on the board of auda, our director Joe Manariti, […]

A Quick Word About Domain Management

For over 10 years SWiM has partnered with Intaserve for management of our domain portfolio. It’s been a happy and reliable partnership. Earlier this year, Intaserve was acquired by a third party, VentraIP. Part of this process has seen our account migrated to VentraIP for retail matters and their wholesale partner Synergy, for Domain Reseller matters. […]

Finishing Off 2014

We are the first .au domain reseller to be officially accredited by AUDA and issued with a reseller number, meaning that SWiM will now appear in the Whois domain results!

Domain Renewals: Don’t get scammed!

If you have received any letters asking you to renew or purchase any domains, make sure you look out for signs of being scammed. Usually these will come from a generically named company that you would not know of, nor be addressed to a name of an actual person either. Take note of the similarities […]