We know the struggle of businesses wanting to only show their best. The website is almost done but there’s that one last thing you want to include. In the world of web there will always be something that’s almost-there-but-could-be-better. How do you know when a project is ready?

Remember: a website is a living document. It can be easily amended after it’s live.

Projects are always evolving and so is technology, in a few short years time websites that are current now will seem dated. A concept from the React Conference: “Done is better than perfect” has reminded our team that sometimes the priority is to get projects out first and do the fine tuning second. Why run the risk of losing business via that channel while we wait for it to be perfected? The minor additions and fixes can come later, because there’s nothing wrong with your website evolving to become better and better while it’s already in public view.

Don’t be delayed by the Law of Diminishing Returns!