One problem our clients come across when managing the content of their own websites is that the images they have are generally too large or the incorrect size for web and this can cause all sorts of issues with the layout and functionality of their website. Therefore the images need to be resized and ‘optimised’ for web in some sort of photo editing software such as Adobe’s Photoshop product. Until now, this has mean’t purchasing and installing new software on each computer just for the purposes of resizing images. Adobe has now solved this issue by releasing a very basic web based version of their Photoshop product named ‘‘.

You can use the online service to edit, manipulate and store your images, which can be uploaded from your drive. members get the added benefit of online image storage.

You can also find mobile versions of for iPhone, iPad and Android based devices.

For anyone managing the content of their own website, we advise you to visit and bookmark the following link – for easy image editing.