How do I set up my email?

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If SWiM Communications is hosting your domain including email you require the following information to configure you email application. ie Microsoft Outlook or Entourage.

1. Open email application
(Entourage is used in this example)

2. Go to tools

3. Go to Accounts and commence configuring an account including the following settings.

Email address: eg. [email protected]

Account Name: Enter the type of account ie. Work, Home, Your Name etc.

Pop Server:
(receiving mail)

Password: As nominated when establishing your address. Ensure you are using the correct password!
N.B. This is case sensitive. Please keep a record of your email password as we cannot recall passwords, only overwrite them.

SMTP: SWiM hosting allows you to use your own SMTP server: Please ensure that using this SMTP server is compatible with your ISP. Alternatively use the SMTP server address provided by your ISP.
(sending mail)

Common SMTP Servers:

  • Bigpond:
  • iinet:
  • Optus:
  • iPrimus:
  • Comcen: or
  • Dodo:
  • Three: