Want a shorter and more memorable web address?

Want to protect your online traffic, while creating a competitive edge? 

Well now is the time. Starting from the 24 March 2022, you may be eligible to upgrade your Australian domain name from ‘.com.au’, → to just ‘.au’. 

Early application is crucial and the relevant allocation criteria must be considered before diving in. You can rest easy though, because SWiM is here to help.

Why do I need Direct Registration?

Are you aware that there are over 3.1 million .au domains? With this comes over 8.5 billion Google searches per day! 

Direct Registration provides the opportunity to protect your online space and enhance it as well. 


By shortening your business’ domain name to ‘.au’ alone, you open up the doors to a sleeker and more contemporary brand image. One that consumers are more likely to recall and may even opt to search over competitors’ names. Shorter and simpler domain names are also easier to display on mobile screens – the increasingly dominant device for personal searches. 


There is an added element of legitimacy, since viewers will notice your business is Australian instantaneously.

For entrepreneurs looking to start a new online venture, the .au direction extension should be considered. By registering a professional and personalised domain name ending in ‘.au’, you are laying the foundations for success. Your personalised website and email address may respectively look as so:


A fresh start allows for an inbox that is unencumbered from spam mail. 

There might also be a web address that you’ve always wanted, but another business snatched up first. An opportunity like this only comes around every 20 years… So it’s important to get in quick to secure the domain name of your dreams! 

How do I get Direct Registration?

Am I eligible?

If you currently own an Australian domain name that has .au within the name, we’ve got great news. You are automatically eligible for the upcoming .au direct extension’s Priority Status!

What is Pre Registration?

In order to secure the best chance of snagging your desired domain name, you must register for early application. The six-month Pre Registration Period runs from the 24 March – 20 September 2022. This is your window of opportunity to apply for your desired domain. So, timing is of the essence. By delaying this Pre Registration, your dream domain name may slip through your finger tips and into someone else’s.

Let’s break it down further:

If you own “yourdomain.net.au” and another company owns “yourdomain.com.au”, then both parties are eligible to apply for the Priority Status of “yourdomain.au”. So early application is your best bet. 

*Should both parties apply in time, it is up to them to cordially and independently work out an agreement.

How can SWiM Help?

Important and permanent changes can often be daunting for businesses. Fear not, because SWiM is an auDA registered reseller. In fact, we were the first of 12 registrars and have a proven record of helping businesses of all sizes!

Benefits of working with a boutique agency:

  • We’re all Onshore, with our office located in North Melbourne.
  • You’ll work directly with our Account Manager, Laura and Director, Joe.
  • We can take the stress off your plate, by handling the Pre Registration process from start to finish.
  • Your very own business support partner that forms strong, working relationships with our clients.

Even better, when you put your direct registration into SWiM’s care, we can set up diversion hosting for:

  • Email
  • Website & 
  • DNS 

FREE of charge for 12 months!

We recommend a 5 year registration to minimise the administrational stress.

To learn more about how we could help Contact Us today!

Playing Catch Up.

Believe it or not, Australia is actually trailing behind the rest of the world when it comes to Direct Registration. The launch of .au direct brings Australia into line with its international peers including the United Kingdom (.uk), New Zealand (.nz), Canada (.ca), France (.fr) and China (.cn), to name a few. 

Our neighbours in New Zealand launched .nz direct registrations in 2014, and as of 2021, around 20 percent of NZ registrants chose direct .nz domain names. In order to have your business stand out on a world scale, take the leap to .au today.

Main Takeaway:

Whether you want to enhance your online space or protect it – the .au change could be the next best decision for your business. Now that you have an idea of the rules and regulations, it’s time to get moving. The .au direct extension’s Priority Status will not last forever! Sign up for early registration and secure your new and improved domain name, with the help of SWiM, today. 

So, will you .au?

START the Direct Registration process today, by simply filling out our Direct Registration check box:

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