Woman looking through yellow pagesThe answer may be that you canceled them. In fact, Sensis is offering us the opportunity to do exactly that.
What ever the reason: saving trees, not wanting to store them, because you use the web or because now that you have a flat screen monitor you don’t need phone books to sit the old CRT on top of them.

So cancel (or even specifically order!?!) your phone books here: https://www.directoryselect.com.au/ds/

Hang on. There’s another important point here…
How much are you spending on Printed Directory advertising?
Stop it.
OK, limit it to at least a basic entry.
But get buttoned up in Yellow Pages online.
Get your website sorted out for a decent search engine result.
Even consider building a microsite if a search topic is really important.
And probably for a fraction of what your Display advertising used to cost in the phone book.

If you’d like some information on Microsites or tuning up your website to get ranked higher for a specific search, let us know. We’ll send you our PDF on “Balloon Sites”.