Answer: When it’s a scam.

Seen one of these?

Domain Registeration

That’s what a domain scam looks like.


You see, we own Have a look – it’s a sample e-Commerce store. The above notice is imitating a renewal for that domain. But it’s actually selling me a new .com version and sweetening an inflated price with a $69 iPod Shuffle. That way you can listen to your favourite tunes to make you feel better about realising you got ripped off.

So if you see this, or similar paperwork, please read it carefully. Is it actually for your domain? Feel free to check with us – there’s no charge.

And one last peace of advice…
Thinking about registering an extra domain?
Our guide is “How would you feel if your competitor registered it first?”

If you do want to register a new domain, please call SWiM: +61 3 9326 8000
We’ll help you make sure it’ll work hard for your business.