This year I celebrated my 10th year at SWiM and I thought this would be a great opportunity to reflect on this milestone.

I started at SWiM having just graduated from my University degree with a Bachelor of Design/Multimedia Design. Back then Flash was all the rage and I was determined to find myself in a Flash based website design and development role, convinced that Flash was the future of web design.

When SWiM originally approached me with a Multimedia Designer role, I was hesitant to accept at first, since they didn’t build websites with Flash, instead opting to work with HTML. After working in a trial position for a week and enjoying the projects I was involved with, I decided to take the role and quickly found myself having to adapt and learn new skills and technologies.

Little did I know that, in that same year, Apple would release the iPhone and what was the device that eventually killed Flash on the web for good, in favour of HTML.

It was a lesson in the way in which this industry changes and evolves on a daily basis and it taught me that you have to always be open to new ideas and possibilities to succeed. It taught me what to look for in the digital landscape in regards to what areas to progress my own skills as well as the services we offer at SWiM.

I became hungry for an opportunity to use what I had learnt and I quickly saw that Social media was something that was gaining traction online, specifically with Facebook and Youtube. And although Social media was still young back then, I looked for the possibilities to progress SWiMs services and pushed for us to take it more seriously as a business. In the following years Social media and the influence of Social media in the digital space saw a massive growth rate and as a result our business grew.

I loved the fact that I had directly had an impact on the growth of SWiM as a business and I found myself constantly looking for ways to propel SWiM and myself to higher levels.

And this is what I do on a daily basis for all of the client projects I am involved with. Our business is about growing other businesses and finding new and exciting ways to do that across a multitude of varying industries. Always staying on top of the latest trends, technologies and services that we can provide.

In my 10 years I have been involved with redesigning SWiM’s brand identity, learning and working with an evolving eCommerce product that has become a fantastic tool for our clients, learning and becoming a pro in WordPress based development, the hiring and on boarding of new staff members, the integration of new systems and processes within the business and more.

Gradually as SWiM grew as a business, so too did I, and over time I have progressed and taken ownership of the role I am in today, which is leading the studio team.

I have truly enjoyed watching and being part of SWiM growing as a business as well as all the other clients’ businesses that I have worked with during my time here so far.

Its what I love most about my job and what has made each of my past 10 years at SWiM, both exciting and fulfilling and why I look forward to the next 10 years.