Leaving on a jet plane for Lima. Up for the airport at 4:00 AM.
Hence, there is no day 9 report due to a lack of Zzzzzzzzs.

The Wrap Up.

We have much to be proud of.

ICANN truly demonstrates that it’s dedicated to maintaining an Internet available to all. Reliably. Smooth administration, transparent record keeping, sound technical practices and governance best practice all feature. It’s not without controversy. Over the coming months, you may well read of the Brazil meeting next year, the Plenipod, the Montevideo statement. And those articles will convey confusion and concern. The fact is, the ICANN landscape is necessarily complex. And difficult to explain. And people grow concerned about what they don’t understand.

There will be accusations and triumphs reported, recording I* and 1NET in particular. We are yet to see how this will play out in Brazil in 2014.

But I can assure you, the Internet seems to be in safe hands.

On an Australian level, we have reason to be proud. Our voice is not only heard, but well respected. Chris Disspain, Paul Szyndler, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Bruce Tonkin, Patrick Myles, David Cake and our Government reps all have considerable voice. Just as in sporting prowess, Australia punches above its weight in this arena. And our Kiwi neighbors are up there as well.

I come away from ICANN more informed about not only Internet Governance, but professional governance. And with new friends from every continent. The world is a tiny bit smaller and I am a little wiser.

A note of thanks to some people that have enabled me to be here today: Jo Lim, Elspeth Ross, Paul Szyndler, Jacki O’Sullivan, the auDA Board and staff, my own staff at SWiM and our valued clients, Kate Scholem, Lana Dalvi, Marty Drill, Brett Treasure, Natural Focus Safaris and the magnificent Kate Witton.