Wake very late morning, trashed by travel & jet lag.

Skip breakfast, it’s lunch time anyway.

30 minute walk to San Telmo.

Wow. I love this place.

Antiques, artesenas (handicrafts), trash and treasure.

More “lomito” steak for lunch.

Back to the hotel – time for further review & research of ICANN48.

Early evening off to Recoleta down town. The shops & cafes are buzzing. Acrobats and bands in the parks.

Return to hotel, catch up with home via skype, more research. I’m doing Okay with the alphabet soup: ccNSO, GAC, APTLD, ALAC, GNSO, IANA.

And I bring auDA, AWIA and SWiM.

A walk for supplies before bed.

Huh? Where did my phone go?

Great, Second day in BA and I’ve had my iPhone pick pocketed.