Had the same looking website since your business was launched? Starting to notice a lack of consumer exploration through your channels? It’s time to change it up!

Your businesses website is the backbone and go to location for consumers interested in your company. You want it to be easy to navigate and reflect the businesses overall qualities and values.

Capture attention, turn heads and revitalise your website with these 5 easy tips and tricks.

  1. Keep it Simple!

Consumers don’t want to hunt for information, they will rarely look past your home pages.

Place important links and information in the forefront of your content, but keep it simple, don’t bombard consumers with information, they will likely lose interest and give up on your cause or offerings if you do so.

  1. Have a Clear Call to Action!

If people don’t know what they are meant to be doing when they enter your webpage, their attention span is going to be low, resulting in low levels of interest and consumers giving up on our offerings very quickly.

Whether you are conducting lead generation or want them to contact you, make it clear, easy to find and as simple as possible

  1. Review your Content.

Is your content still relevant? Does it read well? Do your values and offerings come across clearly and in a positive manner?

Refine, Refine, REFINE!

Make your content clear and concise. Your content should be altered/changed regularly to reflect a shift of the business, maintain relevance world-wide and in alignment with consumer and market feedback.

  1. Add Consumer Stories.

If you don’t already have positive consumer testimonials on your website…ADD THEM!

Consumers love seeing other consumers’ stories and experiences with a brand. It demonstrates a strong consumer to business relationship and makes potential consumers more likely to trust the businesses offerings and portrayed values.

  1. Visual Aids 

Add original photos and videos. Consumers love visual aids and it can assist in grabbing the audience’s attention. 

Use visual content that is relevant and portrays the overall value of the business and what you want the consumer to feel.

Don’t use a bunch of stock photos that are boring and irrelevant to just fill space, rather fill your page with images and videos that show your brand as a whole and can assist in consumers understanding who you and your brand are.

Extra Bonus Tip!

In collaboration with the 5 tips and tricks above an extra bonus idea to think about is your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Remember to continually update your keywords in alignment with googles trends and keywords.

SEO is so powerful and allows your website to stand out against the crowd!

Create a website that is inviting, an eyesore and captures the essence of your business!

Regular updates and improvements to all of your online platforms is important to maintain relevance and keep up to date with the market.

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